Id Hair Mé Heat Defender 125 ml

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Id Hair Mé Heat Defender is a revolutionary heat-protective spray for all sorts of hair. It’s not too funny that it’s called for a superhero. Spray it in your hair and your protector comes alive! The hair is exposed daily to damage and wear. One of the major culprits that harms the hair extraordinarily is heat from the iron, dryer, etc. It is therefore extremely important to protect against these heaters. This brilliant spray protects your hair from heat up to 230 degrees, and prevents hair from getting food, lifeless and broken. As an added bonus, this amazing heat protector also adds a lot of moisture to the hair, so it appears beautiful and glossy.


– Heat-protective spray
– Protects against heaters up to 230 degrees
– Easy to apply
– Used in both damp and dry hair
– Suitable for all hair types
– Prevents heat damage
– Very sweet smell


– Used in either damp or dry hair
– Distribute evenly throughout the hair from root to tip before using the heater