Id Hair Mé Fiber Mousse 200 ml

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Id Hair Mé Fiber Mousse is a voluminous foam for you who want extraordinary filling. The foam contains fibers that both give volume and make the hair easier to style. In addition, the fibers also have the property that it does not make the hair rigid and heavy. You can therefore easily let your fingers slip through your hair during the day. The greatest filling is achieved by wiping the hair with a dry dryer, rather than allowing it to air dry. Something amazing about this foam is that you can even see the fibers when you pull your hands apart with foam.


– Voluminous mousse
– Contains fibers
– Do not make your hair tight and heavy
– Gets hair easier to style
– Suitable for all hair types, but especially fine for normal hair
– Used in all hair lengths, but with the greatest effect in short to medium hair
– Easy to apply
– Provides extraordinary volume
– Very sweet smell


– Shake the bottle well before use
– Distribute the product in towel-dried hair
– Use if necessary. brush to ensure that the hair is evenly distributed
– Use a dryer for maximum volume or air dry