Id Hair Mé Clay In A Spray 150 ml

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Id Hair With Clay In A Spray is a super efficient clay wax on spray. This brilliant spray allows you to use wax without getting greasy hands. With Id Hair With Clay In A Spray, you get both texture and movement in your hair while you can use the product as a finish. With its flexible team it makes it possible to put the hair back during the day as it does not stiffen. This wax is suitable for both men and women. In addition, it is brilliant to set and define curls, as well as gathering the tips. The product comes out like a fine atomization, which makes it easy to distribute without the hair sticking together. Clay In A Spray is the perfect choice for you who want to get the delicious texture and finish that wax gives, without greasy hands and waxes in the hair.


– Spray wax
– Provides texture and movement in the hair
– Medium team
– For both men and women
– Good for curls
– Easy to distribute in hair
– Used in all hair types
– Used in all hair lengths, but long lasting in short to medium hair


– Used in dry hair
– Spray the hair at a distance of about 20 cm.
– Then style your hair as desired