Id Hair Mé Blow Dry Spray 200 ml

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Id Hair Mé Blow Dry Spray is a voluminous spray that allows you to wake goodbye to flat hair. This amazing spray must be wiped into the hair and gives extreme volume. With its glycerin content, it adds a beautiful shine, so the hair looks beautiful and well-groomed. The unique formula of the product makes it possible to achieve volume from root to tip without fatigue. To get maximum fill from the bottom it is recommended to dry the head with the head down.


– Volume spray
– Extreme filling
– Beautiful shine
– Strong team
– Suitable for all hair types
– Recommended for all hair lengths, but best in short to medium hair
– Can be used in both dry and damp hair
– Easy to distribute in hair


– Can be used in both dry and damp hair
– Advantage in hair from root to tip
– Dry the hair and then style as desired