Id Hair Mé Blow Dry Cream 150 ml

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Id Hair Mé Blow Dry Cream is a delicious cream cream that gives you 100% control over your hair. It is for you who want a soft and delicious hair with a lot of shine. Additionally, this amazing cream is heat-resistant, so the hair will not be damaged during dry-cleaning or using styling tools afterwards. Id Hair Mé Blow Dry Cream is to be used throughout the hair from root to tip where it leaves the hair weightless without fat.


– Beauty cream
– Leaves the hair soft and delicious
– Adds shine
– heat protection
– Does not feed
– Suitable for all hair types
– Recommended for all hair lengths


– Apply in damp hair
– Distribute the cream from root to tip
– Feed the product into the hair. Do not air dry
– Style then as desired