Anti Skeptic Shampoo – Unique Pro

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Thinning hair

How it works:

The Anti-Skeptic Shampoo for hair loss is used to strengthen roots with the patented BETOFIX™ technology. Tea tree oil is used to stimulate the scalp while the BETOFIX™ technology has been scientifically proven as a long term solution to hair loss and thinning. This product is sls\sles, phosphate and paraben free.

Directions of use:

Wash first with regular shampoo to rid the hair of dirt and oil. Apply desired amount of Saryna Key™ Anti-Skeptic Shampoo into your hair, massaging into scalp for two minutes and rinse well. For optimal results, use two to three times per week and follow with Saryna Key™ Anti-Skeptic Treatment Ampoules.